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"War of Illusions"
Original Airdate:  March 08, 1985
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Plot Summary - When the Leader sends his Battlesphere to Earth, the Resistance must find a computer
hacker who is able to break into the Visitors computer system to alter the battle plans.  Lydia and Diana begin to suspect that Philip is part of the Fifth Column.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - There was no Freedom Network broadcast this week.

Bloopers and Nitpicks -


Memorable Moments -

Diana:  Jane Badler
Lydia: June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell: Jennifer Cooke
Willie: Robert Englund 
Juliet Parrish: Faye Grant
Mike Donovan:  Marc Singer
Kyle Bates: Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars
Philip: Frank Ashmore
Dr. Atkins: Conrad Janis
Henry Atkins:  Josh Richman
Lt. James:  Judson Scott
Additional Guest Stars:
Peter Elbling, Louise Fitch, David Abbott, Ted Lehmann, Chip Heller
Executive Producer: Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer:  Robert Singer 
Supervising Producer:  Don Boyle
Producer:  Skip Ward 
Creator:  Kenneth Johnson
Writer:  John Simmons
Director:  Earl Bellamy

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